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Pho bo bowl, a culinary specialty from Vietnam cooked by Chef Trang from Pho Bep Oi

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Discover a wide range of Vietnamese savoury dishes. Depending on seasons and clients’ demands, the Chef decides what to put à la carte every week

Pho Bo, part of the menu of Pho Bep Oi, Vietnamese takeaway restaurant in Geneva

Pho Bo

Vietnamese beef noodle soup
15 CHF
Bo Bun, part of the menu of Pho Bep Oi, Vietnamese takeaway restaurant in Geneva

Bo Bun

Noodle salad with stir fried beef
15 CHF
Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwich with beef or chicken

Banh Mi

Vietnamese sandwich with beef or chicken
10 CHF
Tom Bun, noodle salad with stir fried shrimps

Tom Bun

Noodle salad with stir fried shrimps
17 CHF
Dau Bun, noodle salad with fried tofu

Dau Bun

Noodle salad with fried tofu
12 CHF
Nem Ga, Vietnamese chicken spring roll

Nem Ga

Chicken spring roll
2.5 CHF/unit

Delivery options

Delivery in Geneva area : + 10 CHF per order
Free delivery for order as from 150 CHF
Your order packed in a paper bowl : + 1 CHF per dish

What’s on this week ?

Visit our Facebook page to know what Vietnamese dishes will be cooked this week

Zoom on a Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich

Happy Customers

Best Pho ever ! I tried many in other countries and nothing compared to this one

The Pho was soooo good !! It brought me back to Hanoi. The broth was perfect. Thank you. Good portion too. We ate very well tonight !

This was excellent ! And I am well-informed pho-fan… Thanks a lot !

You make the best pho bo ! Love it !!!

About Us

Hi everyone ! My name is Trang. I was born in North Vietnam, and grew up in the south of the country. After having worked more than 11 years as a logistics supervisor in trading companies in Ho Chi Minh and Geneva, I decided to start a new life and do what I love. This is how Pho Bep Oi is born !

I am passionate about cooking, eating, and sharing delicious Vietnamese food. Driven by this passion, I started to offer my homemade food for takeaway or delivery in the Geneva area. I quickly received great feedback from my clients, who now recommend my food to their friends.

My cooking is made with love, and based on three pillars : quality, quantity, and reasonable price.

My greatest pleasure is to make you discover a bit of Vietnam, and I always do my best to offer you the best Vietnamese cuisine.

Ready to travel ? Please feel free to send me your orders ! Many thanks.


Trang, the Chef behind Pho Bep Oi, Vietnamese takeaway restaurant in Geneva

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